In a small living room nowadays people opt to paint one wall in the room different & create a highlighter kind of effect.

Either this wall would be behind your TV unit or this could be any wall in the room. The paint used for textured wall is very special. It is water based but this one you can clean with wet cloth. Usually water based colour a (like velvet paint) you don’t let water touch it, since try are water based. Textured paint is water based but cleanable.

There are different styles through which you can give different finish to this wall. Different types rollers, tools , brushes, sometimes hand treatment is given to create this textured wall effect. These paints are called two tone paints.

Wall Textures Roller Effects

These textured painted wall for homes can cost anywhere from Rs 80 to Rs 150 per sq.ft. This rate included labour & all material required. These rates are for a Mumbai based painter who is in to business of painting for last 20 years.