Common concern we hear from home owner when it comes to painting home is that painter will drop colour on doors windows & other items &spoil it.

A good painter will always cover windows, doors with newspaper. He will use tapes to to stick newspaper sheet to cover all door & windows.

On flooring they would lay down plastic if tadpatri (tarpaulin) sheet. All furniture items are covered with sheet of tadpatri (tarpaulin) or plastic
And even after such measures if a drop falls at some place, your painter will take care it. Painter will have chemical which can remove such stains & colour.

If you are living in the house it takes more time to complete painting work. If for certain home which is empty it was going to take 10 days, when you are living inside it can take upto 15 days. Main reason is that furniture doors windows have to packed & replaced 4-5 times