Tell me about your career journey in Home Renovation Industry?
I was born and raised in small Village in Gujarat. after i passed  SSC exam, I moved to Mumbai and started working in business of Construction. I started as Helper, then mason work and later became Civil Contractor. I have been working as Contractor for last eight years now.  I take projects of all types – right from a typical 1 BHK or 1 room kitchen – up to complete new buildings.

Describe some of your recent projects ?
I completed Civil work (Tiling Flooring Framing etc) for a complex named “Jeram Heights” in Kanderpada area in Dahisar. One project for a restaurant named “Wong Wow” in Express tower  at Marine Lines. And I have done several Home Renovation projects in different parts of Mumbai.

What made you choose career in Civil Contractor / Construction field?
My father is a Civil Contactor  too. He already had many customers in his list. And we were getting lot of new work through reference from old Customers. Construction Industry in India has seen a speedy revolution in last 10 years. I feel good that I was able to do well. My first project was in year 2004 with an established Contractor named Vijay Chouhan in kandivali. This project was in Thakur village by Gundecha builders.

What is your observation regarding Construction Material used in Building Projects in General?
Black Granite vitrified tiles 2’0”x 2’0” are very common nowdays. Italian Marble is equally popular.

Black Granite is mainly of two types – Krisnagiri and Spot Granite . These are used for making granite window, doorframe, Indian sitting, Photo frame. Alot is used  for Kitchen Platform etc.

Italian Marble is used for flooring or framing , vitrified tiles are mostly used for flooring or skating.

Any message you want to give to other Professionals in our Industry?
Goodwill and customer feedback is crucial. If your name is in good books of your customer then you will always have work. So focus on quality and rest will happen on its own.