Modular Furniture has been misjudged when it initially came into Indian market. Reason being that dealers bought in imported products that had fixed designs and sizes. These lacked good quality fittings and material which didn’t prove to be a durable product.

This has left an impact on home owners mind that modular furniture means not durable product. The moment you say its modular furniture, home owners are reluctant to trust the product.

Therefore many firms and dealers have re-named it as German made furniture or factory made furniture. Once the product is acknowledged as German-made, the impact for the product changes for home owners. The aspiration goes high. It is taken for as a superior quality product.

Home owners are now convinced to buy modular furniture after pointing out the construction details and quality differences in previously bought furniture and furniture available today.

How modular furniture name has derived

The name or term “Modular” as been derived from module which means component or section. If you see furniture is made up by assembling different modules together. Like say for e.g. A table, All the modules i.e. front module, left side module, right side module and top module, all are assembled together to form 1 piece which is called a modular table.