In this modern world where technology has advanced, home owners buy everything like home furniture, furnishings, etc. sitting at home. There are many website like Urban Ladder, FabFurnish, and many more offering online selling with just a click away.

But there are few limitations faced for online furniture and furnishings that a home owner faces as compared to those sold in shops or at interior design consultancy. To understand these limitations in detail, we referred to an interior design consultancy SPARSH. This is what they shared…

Design, Color & Style

Modular Furniture that is available online, home owners will have limited choice of colors. Home owners can choose from only those available on sites. Similarly home owners can choose form wardrobe designs that he would view online which is limited. Whereas with us i.e. at SPARSH and other dealers, home owners can get modular furniture as per their choice of color, shade, design and style of fittings too.


Online furniture’s are available in standard sizes i.e. 7’ height wardrobe only, etc. One reason being that a standard size board is used where there is least wastage after cutting. With online furniture what happens is home owner gets to select from specific sizes only. Now here if home owner wants it to be placed exactly wall to wall then an online seller will fix a filler strip on sides to fill the side gaps incase the furniture is not as board as required. You therefore are not able to utilize space to the most. This is usually observed for kitchen modular furniture.

While with SPARSH, we have our team who visits the site on day 1 to note down all measurements, after which the furniture is made. Here we therefore see to it that every inch is utilized to its most. There’s no wastage or gaps for filler stripes to be installed.

Quality and Cost

Home owners can get tempted to buy online modular furniture due to the price range they offer. Online furniture that you see is usually made of HDF i.e. high density board or particle board which is then covered by skin or laminated. HDF or particle board made furniture are not as sturdy as MDF made ones. Also the skin or laminate are bound to easily peel off on daily use. The edge banding too used is of 8 mm size where 12mm shall be used. Similarly for selves inside the furniture, instead of 25mm, 18mm board is used. This results in poor quality product thus affecting its durability.

Therefore HDF made furniture are available for cheaper rates as compared to MDF made furniture. Due to low quality wood, there’ 40% rejection usually observed while production. Online furniture’s are generally imported furniture that is bought on bulk which is why they are so cheap.


With wardrobes and kitchen cabinets, home owners will not get to see overheads options or designs online. However, we offer overhead design and style that compliment other furniture’s too. At SPARSH, out team firstly visits the site to take down all required and necessary measurements followed by drawing, execution procedure. Finally for Installation we have our specialized team who are trained for installation only. This team will take care of installation only who do the needful once the product has reached on site. With online furniture, delivery person do the installation who are not specially trained for installation part. For any beams in such cases, installation can get difficult.

We would say that home owners need to understand that with price comes quality. Our products though seem to be costlier as compared to online furniture, but we take care of every detail and customize it as per home owner’s choice. We not only offer products but deliver services too.