The size of newly built houses are becoming smaller every passing year. Bedroom size has become 10feet by 10 feet 10. You really need bigger bedroom inside your home. After you have spent whole day out, you retire in bedroom, needs to be bigger. You deserve better. When you are back from work, you spend 1 hour of your time in living room after this you enter bedroom. If we make the bedroom congested then its not cool. Bedroom is already filled with Bed, dressing table and wardrobe. You need bedroom of size 10 by 14 ft , that’s a good planned house. If the living room is big then you can place a nice LCD TV, enjoy movie sitting at appropriate distance.

Unfortunately due to increase in housing prices, you really dont get to see well planned house in economic segment easily. We compromise. Previously people bought 2 BHK or 3 BHK because prices were low and space was available. Now there is less space and cost is also more at the same time so people started buying 1 BHK or 1 Room Kitchen. Also nowadays the concept of joint family has gone down and its more about nuclear family.