I think for all of us home is a place where we feel proud of and comfortable too. The stone surface or say flooring of your home comes first in top elements list that adds style and awe to your home décor. Stone surface be it natural or artificial adds to oomph to overall appearance of your homes especially when they are polished and cleaned to perfection.

Why is Polishing or Restoration important?

Let’s talk about Natural stone Marble here.
Well, over a period of time, marble accumulates stains, spots etches, etc. You need not worry if you seem to notice the same you’re your flooring stone too.

Re-polishing or restoration that we call can eliminate all sorts of imperfections from stone (here marble) surface making it appear as if brand new. Not only that, it also adds to your stone durability.

Services provided for Restoration

Polishing doesn’t only mean polishing or re-polishing just. If your hire a good professional, they will provide you cleaning, professional polishing, stone sealing, scratch and stain repair, color and shine restoration applications.

What is the durability of Stone Polishing?

The durability of the polish honestly depends on foot traffic and usage. If one is going around with footwear on in house, the polish will soon develop starches, show discoloration, accumulation of dust, etc. And if you going around barefooted, the life or durability of polish increases. Say 5-6 years, which otherwise would need re-polishing or restoration every 1.5 -3 years.

Another fact on which the durability is also dependent if the family size. For smaller homes you usually have 3-4 members staying together i.e. husband-wife and 2 kids say. Here therefore the foot traffic on daily basis is not as much as compared to bigger homes say 3BHK and plus, where more than 6 members are staying together.
No matter what, But if the stone be it marble, granite or any artificial stone too, is maintained very well, cleaned on daily basis then the polish life can go on till 10-15 years.

Care to be taken after Polishing or Restoration process

If you want the polish of your stone to last for as good as say 20 years, avoid cleaning the stone surface with harsh chemicals. Clean the surface with wet cloth if any stain or mark is left. Having house footwear is a trend these days but avoid having the outside footwear on and going around in the house.

Comparing Marble stone and Granite stone Polishing

So far we spoke about Marble- Natural stone Polishing.
Polishing for Granite (which is also a natural stone) is comparatively cheaper and easier to marble polishing. Actually with Granite stone, one need not really have to worry for maintenance issue or staining problem unlike Marble.

For Granite, a standard polish is available for Rs. 25- Rs.30.
While marble stone is been polished extreme care is to be taken since, grouting (filling the joints) sealing the cracks is done at the same time. Whereas with Granite stone, if any crack is seen, it is easily sealed with “Edelite” paste that is used for glass too. I is easily available at hardware stores for Rs. 25-Rs.30.