If you are renovating your Home there are several options. Irrespective of whether money is criteria or not, why would someone use Italian marble compared to Vitrified tiles or Indian marble.

Italian Marble vs Vitrified Tiles

Italian Marble is one of the best material available for use inside Residential space. It is a natural homogenous product. You get 18mm to 20 mm thick slabs of Italian marble. You cut it from anywhere there is same material inside.

When we compare Vitrified Tiles with Italian marble, only the top surface of Vitrified Tile is printed with image of Italian marble & then tile is baked. Hence whole thing is not homogenous. It is not a solid body.

Let say you have Italian marble flooring in your home. 5-7 years later you decide to refresh your house. Get your Italian marble floor re-polished. Since it is a homogenous it will absorb new polish. You will get a newer finish altogether. Like a new floor which is not the case in tile. If tiles becomes dull after few years, you have no option but to break it, throw it & then get a new flooring.

Even after 20 years you get your marble re-polished & you have brand new flooring surface. Hence there is no recurring expense with Italian marble.

Italian Marble vs Low cost Indian Marble

Any Marble surface is good. You can re-polish the surface after few years & get new surface. Based on our budget & likes/dislikes, people opt for Indian or Italian marble.

But since in Indian marble there not much variety, that’s why people opt for Italian marble. With Indian marble you don’t have much variety with colours & figures. In Italian marbles you can say there are easily more then 100 colours available.