Ceiling fans usually develop a mechanical problem than an electrical one. But it’s good to figure out the reason for ceiling fan not working properly. It is suggested to hire an electrician to know the exact cause of malfunctioning of the fan. Some of the reasons for malfunctioning of fan could be the shaft problem, starter is too old/ not working, winding has failed for which rewinding needs to be done, etc.

Once the electrician checks, he will tell you the reasons for fan malfunctioning and give you an estimate. Only if the ceiling fan can be repaired with 100% surety, one shall go ahead with repairing work.

Also if the total repairing cost falls somewhere around Rs.500 to Rs.600, a home owner shall get it repaired. But if the expense/estimate goes above that, than purchasing a new fan would be a better idea. A new fan costs around 1400/- to 1500/-.

With a new fan, you also receive 2 years warranty. But before doing any repair work, do check if the fan is under warranty period, then the company will replace the old fan with new piece.

Branded Fans & Fancy Fans

You must be wondering that branded fans would be much expensive. Let me tell you, thats just a misconception. The starting range for branded fans like Crompton Company, Bajaj fans is Rs.1200 or max. Rs.1500.

These basic fans come with single ball bearing. Hi-speed model fan of Crompton Company are very good which come for Rs.1400 or so. If you see the basic fans with single ball bearing do not cost you more than Rs, 1500.

There are other expensive and fancy fans like remote control fans, fans with lights, wooden blade fans, & more available in market. But I wouldn’t suggest such fancy fans for residential purpose like our standard homes. Fancy fans look great in penthouses and similar places, especially where the ceiling height of about 14 feet and more.