Thinking about renovation in limited budget, very soon you are going to hit problems like
: lack of transparency
: confusion in buying building materials like Tiles, fittings etc
: fear of unknowns

When you start talking to Contractors – soon you realise that everyone uses different format of Estimate. QUotes are different & since there is not much description inside estimate, you have no idea whom to trust.

For Designs you start spending time on Internet. Looking for cool ideas & designs. You download so many pictures & finally you are not sure – which ideas to choose & which one to ignore .

Home Owners are not prepared with how much to spend on Bathroom fittings, Tiles, etc. Decision gets highly influenced by the salesman at shop. A Toilet seat – commode starts at Rs 3000 & can go upto 1 lakh rupees. Now how would you know which is correct for you.

After talking to 100s of Home Owners we came up with a Interior Design service which solves all such pain points.

This service is not for everyone.

If You are someone who believes in planning things out instead of last minute panic attack, then this service is for you.

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