Some of our clients renovating their homes wanted to have their old window grill used after renovation.

This is what have to share to all home owners about re-use old grill,

Builders will usually provide flats with fixed box grills which home owner may not need to change. Box grills has been the trend for grills since quite some time n will be. One big advantage of having box grill is, it provides more space to home owners. The space is used for various purposes like drying clothes, placing small in-home plants, etc.

The old window grill i.e. one before renovation can either be re-used or sent to scrape.


The grilled can be re-used in two ways i.e. either using it in smaller areas or re-painting it.

The old window grills can be re-used, but will loom like a patchwork.

To make your old grills look new and shine, home owners can get it re-painted. But before that the grill shall be cleant with rough paper. This is done to remove dirt and for new paint coat to easily settle on metal.

I would suggest home owners to go for a new grill design and scrape the prior grill if renovating entire home. Why save on few penny and compromise on look and feel that a new grill could add. Usually home owners with high budget wil not compromise and send the old safety grills to scrape.