Understand Veins inside Italian Marble

Can you explain veins inside Italian marble, what should home owner know about veins and what happens and how does designer look at it? Each and Every material like a Botticino different types of veins, Statuario will have different types of veins. Its completely Designer's choice which he is thinking of based on that the

Buying Italian Marble ? How much to Trust Sample

When you visit a store or a vendor, they show you sample of Italian Marble. There are so many variety of Italian marbles that it is practically not feasible to keep stock of all types of stones. Many a times after you select stone sample, actual slabs gets shipped from warehouse or from nearby location.

Types of Italian Marble – What Home owner should Know

Basic Italian marble on an average starts from 350 rupees. That is Botticino, Crema Marfil. This are all very basic Italian starting range available in India. It varies between 350 to 400 rupees. If you go to see a builder lot - Builders usually want bigger lot hence they even stress price upto 300 rupees.