When you visit a store or a vendor, they show you sample of Italian Marble. There are so many variety of Italian marbles that it is practically not feasible to keep stock of all types of stones. Many a times after you select stone sample, actual slabs gets shipped from warehouse or from nearby location. In such cases will sample & marble that reaches home will be same ? Is it correct to see sample & make decision ?

Italian Marble is a natural material, like any other natural thing, it is one of its type. You are a natural human being, you will never find someone who is exact replica of you. Similarly you will never find one particular lot of one same marble. Marbles or Veneers and all natural stones – you will never find exactly same design & pattern across lot. It is natural thing. It varies.

What you will find is different lot of Botticino Italian marble or Statuario Italian marble. They will look kind of similar but never exactly same replica. Grains & veins will be different. Based on Grains & veins inside marble pricing gets decided.

So is it challenging to know what you are buying ?

Absolutely, Italian marble is expensive material & Home owners can easily get fooled. Many a times even Architects get fooled. If you don’t have proper knowledge, always go with Right source & talk to expert who can guide you well. Based on grains & figures, prices change.