Tips on buying right Built-in-Hob for you Kitchen

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Let’s understand what a Built-in-Hob is. Built-in-Hobs is just another word for a cooktop or gas stove built in in the counter-top. The cooktops are free standing cooking range, whereas Built-in-Hob get concealed in the counter top. There are different types of Built-in-Hobs available- Gas Hobs- The most popular and preferable for Indian home as

Does Cooking with Built-in-Hob take more Time

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I met a home owner from Pune last week saying - “I have a gas Built-in-Hob at my place, while a cooktop at my mother’s place. After using each of them, I realized that Built-in-Hob takes more time to cook and consumes more gas as compared to a gas cooktop.” Indian Burners vs European style

Built-in-Hob or Cooktop – What type of cooking range shall I buy ?

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While interacting with a home owner who was confused for which cooking range to buy- Gas Built in Hob or Gas cooktop This is what I shared… There are 2 basic type of cooking range types that you can choose from cooktop Built-in-Hob Kitchen CookTop A home owner shall decide on type of

How much Distance is enough between cooktop and kitchen hood/chimney

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This article is available in Hindi, Marathi & Gujarati languages. Important : Home owners shall get Kitchen hoods or chimneys installed from company authorized technician only. There are two types of kitchen hood- Duct-able & Recirculation- able. In ductable kitchen hood type, a duct pipe is fixed to the chimney that take away the heat,