Air Cush Wooden Flooring

Air Cush Wooden Flooring is one of the safe and injury free sport flooring. Air Cush Wooden Flooring offers excellent and steady resiliency, friction and ball bounce that makes it best suitable for indoor sports like Badminton, Volleyball, Basketball, etc. Air Cush Wooden Flooring is designed to nullify injury impact on sports person. Air Cush

Buying Veneer Sheets

To beautify your homes with a tint of artistic charm to interiors, natural decorative veneer is the one. Natural decorative veneers are available in variety of species like Teak, White Oak, Mahogany, etc. patterns and designs from across the world. Not only this, veneer are available in various cuts like plain sliced/ flat cut, rotary

Understand Veneer Cuts and Veneer Matching

Firstly let's understand what Veneers are. Veneers are thin sheets of wood sliced from logs of wood obtained from trees. Well, there are different ways veneer are cut to obtain veneer sheets. The 2 main methods of cutting veneer are Rotary cuts and Slicing or Flat cut. Rotary cut Rotary cut veneers are manufactured by

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