What is Hardwood Flooring?

Hardwood for flooring purpose is a solid wood made of wooden planks pulverized from a single piece of timber. Hardwood floors were formerly used for structural purpose that were fitted perpendicular to the wooden support beams of the structure or building. These were known as joists and bearers. Later on Hardwood flooring and even today

Laminate Flooring – Cleaning, Care and Maintenance

Laminate Flooring not only gives you the feel and appearance of natural wood, but also features easy and carefree maintenance. Home owners can have their Laminate flooring look beautiful for years to will little care and cleaning. Basic Care • It is essential to keep laminate flooring free from dust and sand particles since it

Laminate Floor Covering in Metro Cities

In Metro cities like Mumbai and Delhi, modern home owners usually prefer wooden flooring for their homes and offices too. Here wooden flooring could be from Solid wood or Engineered wood or Laminate floor coverings. Each one of them have a different feel and choosing one is all a matter of style and taste. Well

Introduction to Laminate Flooring and other Wood Flooring

Laminate Flooring is artificial flooring, also called as floating wood tile, is a multi-layer synthetic layer. Making of Laminate Floor Covering The laminate flooring is actually made up of HDF i.e. High density fiber board, overspread with decor paper which is overspread by a layer of lamination process, which is again overspread with anti-resistant coating.The

Modular Furniture options – MDF vs Plywood

Modular wardrobes are available in various finishes like Matt finish, Glossy Finish, textured look, glass painted look, etc. But the type of finish majorly depends on wood type used to build the wardrobe. Modular Wardrobes are usually made of MDF i.e. medium density fiber wood and plywood ( Commercial ply or Marine Ply). The surface

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