For this article we are going to talk about time taken to polish wooden furniture and accessories for 2BHK apartment.

Well time taken to complete a wood polish will depend on the number and size of furniture and other things to be polished. Here let’s talk about the 3 most commonly applied polish on veneered wood i.e. Melamine Polish, PU polish and Lamination/Polyresin.

For Melamine polish – Application of just Melamine polish for 2BHK apartment will take around 22 to 30 days. This will include the smallest part to be paint like doors and doors frame, windows, etc. Application of final polish solution takes just a few hours. What takes time is the pre-processes for polishing wood which includes setting the work place, preparing the wood, sanding the wooden surface, etc.

Firstly the wooden surface is sanded i.e. even before the 1st coat of polish is applied which takes around 10-15 days. Followed by which the melamine polish is sprayed over the wooden surface.( Melamine polish is applied through spraying process.)It’s the time period where 1st coat is applied, which is then let for drying, followed by which sanding is done after which 2nd coat is applied again. Well sanding could be done if needed after the 2nd coat. In similar procedure 3 coats of melamine polishes applied.

PU Polish – unlike Melamine polish, Pu polishing process involves other various procedures like giving touch –ups, more sanding processes, checking the gloss level, application of clear coat, etc. It takes roughly 35- 40 days to finish the given wood surface with PU polish for 2BHK apartment.

Melamine polish application process in brief – For application of PU polish the wooden surface is firstly sanded with grit paper. After which the base coat is prepared. This base-coat solution is checked and then applied on wooden surface. Once the surface is dried, it is again checked for if the base-coat is applied appropriately or not. In India closed pore solution is used for which after every coat application, the surface needs to be checked if covered correctly. The surface the then covered with putty. After putty, EPOXY coat is applied. Which is checked after its drying followed by 2 coats of base-coat and 2 coats of top-coats.

For PU finish, only after the top-coat application process, a laborer or contractor will know for how many polish coats needs to be applied. Finally 2 coats of PU polish solution. Many a time’s only 1 coating is applied. With PU polish, there are limitations as far as number of coatings is concerned. One cannot have more than 3 coatings of PU polish done. The wood may start to decay due to warmth. Let me relate this to wearing or layering yourself in summer season. You will sweat, feel tiered and irritated. Same happens to the wood if it is coated with more layers then required.

Unlike PU polish,for Lamination/ polyester polish, 10-14 coatings can easily be done for same wood since the male-female coats joins and sets together easily.

Polyester Polish / Lamination – It takes roughly 35- 40 days (as like PU polish) to finish the given wood surface with Polyester polish or Lamination polish for 2BHK apartment. But the difference with PU polish process and Polyester is the number of coats and sanding done with different number paper like 150 number, 180 number, 220, 320, 400, so and so forth till 2,000 sanding paper number. Every coat takes around 1 week roughly.

Process to application of polyester resin polish is comparatively easy. Here, shining effect is given, EPOXY is applied followed by direct top-coat application. But after every top-coat distance is to be maintained. And every topcoat needs to be check before and after application. The entire surface is coated with this top-coat which is left for 2 days for drying. Followed by sanding process, buffing and finally the polyester resin coat.