Shower Cabinets is for those modern home owners who want enjoy splendid luxurious bathing in their relatively smaller bathrooms. For home owners who are unaware of what Shower Cabinets are-

Shower Cabinet is a device that allows home owner to enjoy both, the tub bath as well as taking shower. The design for shower cabinets has changed over a period of time. Shower cabinets are usually built or placed in a recessed area of bathroom that is attached to wall and floor. hower cabinet is cubicle built with metal frame holding tempered glass or Plexiglas. The shower enclosure would have a sliding door for one to use the bathtub when desired and shut it while shower was in use. You also have frameless shower cabinets that evade the metal frame
however it would still have a track for sliding door.

Modern Shower Cabinets

Today we have a lot more light weight tubs with fittings for tub enclosure that makes it easy to mount glass doors or suspend a shower rod to hold a shower curtain. Shower Cabinets are usually designed to fit into the corner of the bathroom that come in standard sizes. There are a few designs that allow customization and can fit to any bathroom. Today with space constrain where sliding doors are difficult to have, home owners can have open-able door shower cabinets.

Shower cabinets were usually built in bathrooms as space allowed, but today home owners can choose from various freestanding models. In this modern world the space constrain issues encouraged to further alter shower cabinet design to shower cabinets without tubs.

Other added features

Over a period of time, basic shower cabinet with built in bathtubs have moved to Steam Shower cabinets/enclosure that let you enjoy steam bath as well. Not only that, home owners can have FM radio device, massage jets, etc. installed to add to the joy of bathing. All of this is available as a ready-made cabinets set.

There are a lot more designs and styles available in market to best suit your bathrooms. For further help, home owners can contact out team.