Solid surface materials usually referred as Corian in India can be categories in 2-3 different ways. Popular way to differentiate is “where Solid Surface was made” & “making process”

Solid surface widely sold in Indian market are either made in Korea or china or India. There are other countries making but I believe they are very expensive as compared to what comes from Korea and China. Quality wise Korean made solid surface is superior all the time. This differentiation is more important then knowing which brand material is of.

Solid Surface can be of “Plain colors”, “Small specs”, “big specs”, & then there is one range that is special & more expensive then everything else.

Different options in Solid Surface – Small Grains, big grains & plain colours

Small specs or big specs are small stone like visible material inside surface to give a design. Something simmilar to small coloured particles inside granite surface. These are grains inside surface.

Solid surface could have been made using Resin of type Acrylic or Polyester or mixture of both. Difference between Acryclic Solid Surface & Polyster Solid surface is about quality of resin used, durability & ease of working with it.

Polyester is for straight surface usage, not easy to bend. many manufacturers add Acrylic to it to increase bending, but not so succesful. Acrylic Solid Surface bends easily & lasts longer.