Buying Sofa for Modern Indian Homes

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Sofa’s is the biggest investment you make when it comes to buying furniture for your homes. You have so many different materials, designs and textures to choose from. One is bound to go wrong with buying perfect sofa for their homes. Here are our Designer’s view ( @ ) that help make you a

Ways to Style you Dining Space with Beach Theme

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We all wish to go to Goa, go to the Beach out there. Want to fee refreshed, bright and free and cozy too. Well why not bring those elements in your home. These few elements can bring energy and freshness to your conventional dining areas. Bring in Shades of Blues - Paint your main wall

Blending Interior Styles for Smaller Homes

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Home Interior Design Styles are categorized into 3 styles i.e. Traditional, Modern and Contemporary. Modern and Contemporary styles are lot similar. But there are elements that set them apart. Open rooms, clean lines and simplified furniture is what Modern Style is all about. And traditional interior style is all about elegance and design details. Traditional

27. Design Trick to Increase Room Width

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This is Video 27 of 35-videos series on Interior Design Design Trick to Increase Room Width In our previous video we saw "how vertical lines make room appear taller ". Similarly horizontal lines make you walls appear wider. Horizontal lines help increase depth of the room making ceiling