Accessories used in bathroom

Other than tiles accessories used in bathroom is mirror.There are very beautiful and fancy mirrors in market.There are cabinet mirrors in which you can keep toothbrush,paste,comb etc all necessary items.Towel rods, hooks behind the doors and shelf to keep clothes.

What Bathroom fittings does recommend ?
To all Home Owners who talk to us or ask for rough Estimate we recommend top brands like Jaquar, Cera, etc

Reason is – it is one of the best.

Since most of the Home Owners who approach us are looking for Economic but good quality work. We recommend Starting range of branded bathroom fittings. These are good & not as costly as you imagine. Of-course Branded fittings gets really costly if you start picking up fittings that on higher side. But starting range of Jaguar is value for money.

Jaquar, Cera, Grohe these are one of the top brands in India. Check with shop where you buy – if they make it possible to get 7 yrs Warranty. The price range for typical fitting starts at Rs. 900 & can go up to Rs. 25,000

1200 plus models in Nirali Kitchen Sink

Accessories used in kitchen

Main accessories are taps, sink, rods to keep kitchen napkin, chimney, electric switches for mixer, micro-oven, refrigerator. Your newly renovated Kitchen should be well planned to take care of all these listed items.

Nowadays people put two taps, one for hot & other for cold. One tap for boring water(tank) & one for drinking water (like BMC water in Mumbai)

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