PU polish or Polyurethane polish is very rarely spoken about.

PU polish is medium range polish available in variety of sheen. It can be applied on various other thantrong> apart from wood like metallic surfaces and non-metallic surfaces too. On wood the PU polish that is applied is clear polish that brings shine to natural wood.

PU Polish Features

Application– PU polish can easily be applied when thinned and wiped on. It can also be brushed on sprayed on wood surface.

Durability – PU polish is a tough polish. It offers excellent protection against various chemicals and substances. It is quite a durable polish once cured. Standard PU polish requires 7 days curing period.

Safety – PU polish is relatively safe polish with petroleum based solvents. The water based polish has fewer volatile organic compounds. While 2-part PU polish is free from volatile organic compounds.

PU polish is irreversible on wood surface while on metal it can be wiped off with help of removers.

In comparison with Lamination finish

PU polish is quite an expensive polish, usually preferred by home owners with no budget constrain. Even then we suggest home owners to have used on few wood surfaces or furniture. And other areas be coated with either melamine polish or lamination as per their budget. With PU polish various shades can be achieved on wooden surface. Not only tha each shade in PU polish has Matt effect and glossy finish too. Whereas with lamination coating you have limitation with shade variation.

Let’s say you get same veneer separate piece coated with Lamination i.e. polyester resin and other piece with PU polish.Anyone preferably with like the lamination coated i.e. polyester resin polish which looks beautiful and attractive. Also Lamination offers depth to wooden surface. But home owners who do not want depth can opt for PU polish.

Also Lamination is that you can have glossier wood surface which is not possible with PU polish.

So home owners who do not prefer depth in wooden surfaces and non-glossy effect, then PU polish is the best choice. PU polish is available in different finish. You also have solid polish that covers the wood in such a way that one may mistaken for surface type of the furniture. The wood grains are not visible whihc otherwise is with any other polish or PU clear polish. For eg. It’s a trend to have coordinated walls and furniture color in bedroom. Rather than having one tone or shade furniture, it can be coated with second shade/color to make the room well coordinated.

In Comparison with Melamine Polish

But PU matt is very rarely done as it gives a similar finish and appearance as Melamine matt, plus, it is double the cost of melamine matt. Certainly no home owner would want to pay double the price for similar finish unnecessarily.