Window Grills are made of different materials like stainless steel, mild steel, bright steel, brass and cast Iron.

The cost of making safety grill depends on 3 factors

• Firstly home owner’s budget.
• Type of material used for grill.
• Type of Grill Section chosen by Home Owner
The cost for grill also will depend on which floor does the home owner stay.

How does cost of grill work increase for home owners staying on Higher floors?

As I said earlier, the cost of grill increases for home owners staying on higher floors. For eg. A home owner staying on 20th floor will end up paying more than double for labor work. This is because for installation of grill on higher floor, more manpower is required, safety precautions and special equipment’s are required. If the same grill is to be installed on ground floor or lower floor, the cost will reduce drastically as the manpower and labor will decrease.

Well to talk about the cost of grill, the basic grill will cost around Rs. 150 to Rs. 200 per square feet.The cost of grill increases with design, style and its sophistication. This is because the material consumption increases and so does the cost too.

The cost of Grill is always stated on per square feet basis.

The cost or quotation given includes other fittings and installation cost too. As mentioned, the cost for higher floors increases with change in process of installation.

Please Note

The above factors and rates are applicable for homeowners who are renovating their homes and are wanting new window and balcony grills. The rates, installation process, etc., will vary for grills that a builder in getting installed for new structure/ building.