Like most home owners, you are probably going to renovate your home – once or twice in your life time. If you have bought new house then you will furnish it. If it is an existing home you are probably renovating it after 10 or 15 years.

There are several reasons for renovating homes :
1) you want to give a refreshing new look to the house,
2) there are lot of things which need fixing and that’s when you decide that you know let’s renovate the complete house.
3) family has grown and you want to do better space planning.

Home owners talk to several contractors, negotiate rate, the whole attention is paid on the bottom-line figure in the quotation and that basically drives the whole selection process. Home owners also spend time on internet to download lot of pictures and try to find out home interior ideas which they like out of those pictures. So that’s about it, after doing this much research, home owners think that they are ready to take charge of the project, and this is not a good situation.

A flight simulator allows a pilot to simulate the flight. So even if a pilot is experienced, if he is changing a plane model or he is going to fly at an challenging airport, it is always advised that he first fly a flight simulator. Risk factor is very low – if he or she makes mistake in the flight simulator and the plane crashes , it’s all right. It is just a simulator. In fact more mistakes you make in simulator better your actual flight is going to happen.

Same way – You are starting a project without knowing the final result – you have no idea how the home is going to look finally. You want to give a new refreshing look to the house, it is very important that you get a 3D design because risk factor is too low. once you get design and you don’t like it, you have opportunity to change. This is like hundred times cheaper than doing the actual work.

So if you would you know simply get everything done, spend lakhs of rupees and then realize that may be you don’t like everything , that’s not a good situation so instead if you have a 3D design, it is very low cost, the risk factor is very low. You simulate the real life situation and you can verify with yourself, you can confirm whether you like what you see or not.