Interior Designing for 1 RK in Kurla, Mumbai

Kurla, a suburb of Mumbai has developed very well. You can say that Kurla is a blend of residential colonies, big and small, industrial estates commercial enclaves and slums. With all this it has very good connectivity to all parts of Mumbai by road and rail mainly due to its central location. We had

Remove Guess-work out of your Home Interior Project

Almost every day we get a call from home owners across country, who is in middle of her/his renovation project. They complain about how things are not going as per plan. Time and money has been exceeded as compared to initial estimate. Contractor is honest & skilled in most cases, but because of uncontrollable exceed

How 3D Interior Design can save you Home Renovation Project

Residential projects are very challenging for Contractors & Interior designers. Contractors are dealing with all the expectations of the home owner. Home owner has a dream house in his mind. It is very challenging to meet all the expectations and give a right result. It is a balancing act between three pillars of Aesthetics, which

Furniture for New House – How 3D Design makes things Easy

If you have bought a house in a newly constructed building, most amenities are provided by builders . Builders, these days pretty much provide everything. However in most cases there are couple of things which you need to furnish, for e.g inside Kitchen there would be a granite platform, but you need to get trolleys

Eliminate Risk out of Home Renovation with 3D Room Designs

Like most home owners, you are probably going to renovate your home - once or twice in your life time. If you have bought new house then you will furnish it. If it is an existing home you are probably renovating it after 10 or 15 years. There are several reasons for renovating homes :

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