Almost every day we get a call from home owners across country, who is in middle of her/his renovation project. They complain about how things are not going as per plan. Time and money has been exceeded as compared to initial estimate.

Contractor is honest & skilled in most cases, but because of uncontrollable exceed in time and cost , the relation between home owner and contractor is getting spoiled day by day. Contractor had given you an estimate in the beginning of the project with rates for each & every work activities. For example – Rate for doing flooring per square feet or a rate for doing painting per square feet. That is not going to change.

But what is changing now is scope of the work and that is happening because when the project started, there was no clarity on the project. Whole project started on basis of single piece of paper, where you wrote the estimate and wrote a total figure. Contractor and home owner agreed to start the project. But there was no clarity on what final result both parties were expecting in their mind okay.

Benefit of getting a 3D design in your hand is – it remove guess work out of the project. Present day technology allows you to come up with 3D drawings which are next to realistic. Even before you start a single bit of work, you can have this 3D realistic picture. It gives complete clarity and removes all guess work out of the project.