What do you mean by Electrical Wire Joints?
Electrical joints are the joints that an electrician creates when a wire falls short while doing the wiring for any sort of electrical appliances or fittings. There are several disadvantages of having joints like these in wiring.

Disadvantages of joints in Electrical Wiring done in your house

Having joints in an electrical wiring in not good safety wise as well as consumption wise. Firstly, if there are joints in your wiring system, it can lead to current wastage which increases the power consumption. And secondly, sometime later it may catch fire or short circuit may occur. But an electrician who does this kind of a job i.e. creates several joints while doing home wiring (or anywhere else) is not a knowledgeable and right electrician.

How are the joints covered?
What could be the consequences of the same?

Wherever there are wire joints made, an electrician will tape the joint area with a PVC tape. But these PVC tapes are not a permanent solution to keep the joint intact because the gum of the tape will soon melt due to heat generated from the current flowing which results in either the tape falling off or melts. As I said earlier, it could either lead to short circuit or may catch fire. Especially for heavy electrical equipment’s like AC, microwave, geyser, refrigerator, etc. special care must be taken that there are absolutely to joints in wiring, because it could lead to serious consequences like fire in house.

Well there are chances of switch being a troublesome or cause of the problem. Like if a home-owner buys a low quality cheap switch, then it may melt soon cause of the heat generated from the current flowing in it. Also many a times when the wire has fallen short an electrician will try pull the wire from the switch end to complete the connection part. And when the wire is not enough, he joints it to the switch with another small piece of wire and complete the connection. But let me share this with all home owners that this is not a permanent solution to it. This connection with joints will need to be repaired or replaced in a span of 6-8 months max. If not done so, it could lead to serious trouble.

Tips on how to make sure that there are no electrical joints created in new apartment

Well that’s true that it’s difficult for one to be there all the time to keep a check on electrician all the while. To avoid any fault in wiring, its best recommended to hire a licensed electrician. When you hire a licensed electrician the benefit is that he will not make any mistakes or avoid faults. This is because he will be worried about his image and recommendation purpose. Recommendation for if he does good work home owners could suggest him to others too for electrical work. Licensed electricians are a bit expensive then local electricians but you can be assured of quality and no faults in wiring work. Always see to it that there is zero wire joints in his apartment. One single wire is used to any electrical connection purpose.

Usually home-owners are unaware of the above mentioned disadvantages of joints in wiring and are therefore least bothered about electrical work.