Many people are living in the home on rent or are getting their home painted before leasing out for rent. In such cases the big question is what will best value for money. How much should be spent in painting?

Distemper paint is your answer. No it’s not like your olden days lime painted wall (chuna in Hindi ) . This is way better then that. Chuna would get stuck on your hand if you had rubbed it, however distemper is not like that.

There is absolutely no problem with the paint. It will last long the only problem is it doesn’t have that look & feel appeal as luster paint or other costlier options.

You cannot clean or wipe the distemper painted wall with wet clothe or sponge.

To get an idea of cost. If you had a 1 BHK home if it takes x amount to paint your home with distemper paint then with luster it would cost you 2x. Distemper painting will cost half as that of luster painting.