There are different types of sanitary products available in Indian Market. Sanitary pots, wash basin, sink. Some brands like Hindware, Parryware, Roka, Johnson, Somani, Sona, Rasi, Sera & now even Jaquar has introduced some new sanitary products. All these are Indian products except Roka. Roka is a foreign company.

Types of bath tub

There is corner bath tub, rectangular bath tub of 5 feet or 6 feet, plain bath tub, bath tub with jacuzzi system. Selection of Bath tub depends on the size of the bathroom.

Bath tub is made in one mold acrylic, polytec material. First people use to make tubs of tiles but now they dont make it as many good bath tubs are available.

There are many branded bath tubs like Sera, Commander, Jal. Costs Rs 20,000 & above. If you put jacuzzi system – cost starts at about Rs. 60,000 – upto Rs. 1.5 lakh – 2 lakhs.