Before starting any renovation there’s one thing you need to think of that is water-flow to your home. This is really important especially if you are planning to change the faucets and other bathroom fittings too.

Well, you need not worry much. To stop the water flow to your apartment you can simply turn off the valve provided. Turning off the valve will stop the water flow to your apartment. The ball valve is a spherical ball fitted inside that blocks the water flow when turned off.

In case there’s no valve, you need to call a plumber to stop the water flow to your apartment. Here the main building valve will be turned off from the terrace. In this case, the water flow to all the apartments of the building will stop. The pipe attached to your apartment will be cut and a butch/stopper will be fitted from where it’s cut. The building valve is then turned on so that other apartments receive water. As soon as the renovation work is completed, the cut pipe is then joined with an attachment.

But we suggest home owners to get a valve fitted (for water flow) while the renovation work is going on. This will be done by having an additional pipeline & fitting the ball valve to it. There are different types of valve preferred that have different mechanism to it but can easily be operated by a home-owner.