I am going to be negative in this article. Please bear with me.

Indian Home Owners & customers who spend money on Solid Surface are lot of times unaware of what is so good about it. Most of the people who have Corians inside their house & are living in it for years have never heard of something called as NSF 51 or any such standards. These are properties that make Solid Surface such a nice Hygiene material.

Most Home Owners go for Solid Surface because that is new thing in market, they got influenced by someone else’s house or Interior Designer spoke as if Solid Surface was next best thing after sliced bread.

Even most Solid Surface professionals don’t know what is NSF 51 standard. In big projects people are aware but when it comes to individual/independent projects no one knows & cares to know.

Solid Surface Grills is another such mysterious item.

Architects & Interior Designers use Solid Surface at places where it is not required. Solid Surface Grill is one such example.

What ? Your Home already has Safety Door Grill made in Corian ?? I know. I hear it!

What is Safety Door ? The name itself tells you that it has got something to do with Safety. Right?

I can freaking hammer a Solid Surface Grill and break it. Don’t believe it? invite me to your home, I will prove it. Safety door grills are suppose to be made out of cast iron or steel or some sought of metal. But may be Designers saw it at some site, liked it & now she/he is using idea for all new sites. You (Home Owner) probably saw your friend boasting about how her door was all corian, & now you want it too.

Solid Surface Professionals they are in to business of selling their material, may be they have tried telling people to avoid solid surface in Safety doors initially, but now they have stopped. People are buying it, they are selling it.

Solid Surface is like piece of stone. Is stone strong enough ? Yes. But hammer it – it will break. Same applies for Solid Surface Grills inside Safety Door.

We saw one site in Thane near Mumbai, where whole door was made out of Solid Surface. There was thin Frame & rest whole thing was solid surface. Our solid surface vendor advised not to do it, but then there was an Architect who just wanted that. Architect had an argument that you push or pull as much as you want, 12 mm solid surface grill will not break. Nothing will happen. My vendor just stopped himself from saying that a Robber will not push or pull, he will hammer it. Anyways!

Today people install security systems of lakhs of rupees but they want fashionable grills rather than the tough ones. Start calling your door Decorative Door instead of Safety Door.

You get my point, right? Dont do it!