Edge banding-Modular Furniture & On-site made Furniture

Edge Banding is used to finish the thickness or sides of material like plywood, particle board and MDF. Edge Banding is used to create durable and visually appealing trim edges during finish carpentry. Edge banding is either a hardwood or veneer that is pre-sanded, available in various sizes and thickness starting from7/8” to 2” and

Modular Furniture for Kids Room- A big Saving for Future!!!

Until now home owners usually had carpenter made or basic design furniture like other rooms bought for kids too. But now home owners can have each furniture designed on various themes like fairy tale, superman, cars, etc. depending on kids preferred choice of characters or theme. Many home owners are reluctant to buy such themed

Modular Furniture options – MDF vs Plywood

Modular wardrobes are available in various finishes like Matt finish, Glossy Finish, textured look, glass painted look, etc. But the type of finish majorly depends on wood type used to build the wardrobe. Modular Wardrobes are usually made of MDF i.e. medium density fiber wood and plywood ( Commercial ply or Marine Ply). The surface

Furniture for New House – How 3D Design makes things Easy

If you have bought a house in a newly constructed building, most amenities are provided by builders . Builders, these days pretty much provide everything. However in most cases there are couple of things which you need to furnish, for e.g inside Kitchen there would be a granite platform, but you need to get trolleys

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