These Colors can refresh your Kids Room

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In conversation with Experienced Designer at ContractorBhai… Make your Kids Bedroom as colorful and fun as you can. I would say create a space they would want to live every moment. Have the room with loads of practical, useful elements with fun elements too, inspirational images and endearing color schemes. Kid’s room I would say

34. Direction of Your Room, Natural Light, Colour Scheme

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This is Video 34 of 35-videos series on Interior Design What Direction your room faces? We spend more than 90% of our time Indoor. We are getting away from Nature. Few home owners are lucky to get lot of natural light inside their house. Here are few point on

What is commercial ply?

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Commercial plywood in simple terms is the basic or standard plywood available. Commercial plywood is also termed as MR grade plywood. MR stand for moisture resistant. Do not confuse MR with waterproof. Moisture resistant means the plywood can withstand some amount of moisture, humidity and dampness. Manufacturing of Commercial Plywood Plywood (be it any grade