Q) Do you have any tips on lighting if I use Italian marble? What kind of lightings will make it look good ?

A) Selection of Lights, completely depends on the designer who is designing the house. Lighting of course makes a great impact on the materials that we use. In residences we generally use warm lights so that you feel more cozy you feel more homely whereas in kitchens we use white lighting in study areas we use white lighting because those are the areas where you need to be very much energetic, active and you should not feel lazy and not feel drowsy.

That’s why people use white lights in kitchen and study but in a place like a bedroom or living room people use slightly yellow lights so that it gives you a cozy atmosphere, the moment you set into your house you feel relaxed and cozy. So lighting does make a great impact on the use of materials

Q) Give me one or two examples of how Lights should be used differently if we have Italian marble on the walls?

If we are using Italian Marble on the wall then it should be highlighted. So you can use yellow lights to focus on the marble. Luxury places & hotels either use carpets or Italian Marble on wall which is highlighted by yellow light. It adds to the luxury feel.

Even with flooring, if it has Italian Marble flooring, they focus the light on the marble, that gives that shiny feel on the floor which again adds to the luxurious feel and a cozy atmosphere.