Lightening a room/apartment is one of the most important and thought-provoking aspect for decorating homes. Deciding on furniture and color shades is comparatively easy task.

But to have right color lights to highlight the room/area is much more important. Knowing the difference between the color lights and it uses helps home owners job easier to decide on the same.

There are 3 types of colors of lights used for residential purposes viz – White light, off-white lights & yellow Lights.

These are common electrical terms used by home owners and many electricians. These colored lights technically are termed on color code i.e. 2700 kelvin, 4000 kelvin & 6500 calving.

  • Two of them are used as primary light and one for ambience purpose.
  • Primary Lights are usually 6500 kelvin that are white lights.
  • 4000 kelvin lights are off white/ neutral lights that are not preferred by most home owners.
  • 2500 kelvin lights are yellow lights or warm lights usually used to create an ambience.

White lights are the primary lights that we use on standard basis. Like say a home owner wants small 8 white lights in his big living room. Here we suggest a home owner to have 4 white lights and 4 yellow lights. Here the advantage is that a home owner can use the lights alternately as per his choice and liking.

If in case a home owner doesn’t want or like yellow lights (which is a rare case), we suggest them t go for indirect lighting/cove lighting. In indirect lighting, the lights are installed in the false ceiling and are not directly visible. The reflections of the light is seen.

For reading purpose or study rooms, its good to avoid yellow lights as they strain your eyes while reading. White lights are best for these areas.

And for living room, especially in evenings, we suggest you to have a yellow light/ dim light on left side of your TV unit. Complete darkness is not recommended while you watch TV though many prefer doing that. In complete darkness, your eyes get stressed and can result in high spectacle numbers in future.