1 BHK Interior Design

Here are few ideas to plan your interiors and pointers to help you while dealing with an Interior Designer/ Contractor.

Living Room – Depending on size of family, decide for the seating arrangement firstly. These days for smaller living rooms, you can save the T.V unit space by wall mounting it. If at all you […]

Where to use Wall Decal in your Home

You can use wall decals in every possible location/ rooms of a house or offices. More commonly, wall decals get used for living rooms, bedrooms, kitchen, bathrooms, and children room. Wall decals are also used for plain cupboards and false ceiling. The advantage of decals again is that it can be used on multiple […]

How to choose the right Paint colour for your Home

When you are renovating home with contractor or say you are just getting home painted by hiring painter, one big question you get is about colour scheme. If you have interior designer he will try to understand what kind if look & feel you like. Having said that as part of good business practice no […]

Gypsum Board Sizes India

The size of gypsum board is standard in all companies. Usual size is 6 ft* 4 ft. In olden times, it was manually made. The cement plastic sacs are opened and the threads of the sac are mixed in POP to make it strong. The size is fixed 2ft *2ft, as it use to […]

Lighting in False Ceiling

In false ceiling you have to use lights in such a way that they are not visible (hidden). In false ceiling you do not get direct light, you always get indirect light . This is creates good effect on eyes.

In living room you hardly need 1 or 2 tubelights but in false ceiling […]