There are total 7 steps while applying paint on the wall.

1) You have to clean the wall.
2) Then primer is applied on the wall.
3) If there are any gaps or holes on the wall they are filled.It is called as putty or lambi in Hindi. Birla putty is one of the common and most famous putty.
4) Then it has to be leveled with sand paper.
5) Give touch up to the wall with putty or Lambi.
6) Then again primer is applied and
7) Then 3 coats of paint are applied.

There are many types of paint like plastic paint,luster paint,oil paint,velvet paint;etc There are many varieties in paint and again it depends on your budget which type of paint you want on your wall.

Plastic paint is a water based paint,it is made from water.It is a economical paint.But if you want to wash your walls then you will have to use luster paint on your walls.

Plastic Paint is made using pure acrylic latex & high opacity micro pigments. It gives smooth velvet finish & easy to wash. Good for Interior painting. Can be applied on plaster, concrete & also on wooden surfaces ( with primer).