Brixo specializing in building products is known professional manufacturer and supplier of advanced products particularly for complete masonry work solution. Brixo believes in three things basically i.e. Innovation, Sustainability and Quality which makes it a fastest growing company in the segment.

Brixo manufacturer’s modern building products that are environment friendly too. Alarge proportion of all the raw material in their products is FlyAsh (PFA), a by-product from coal-burning power stations. Brixo also manufacturers one of the technically most sophisticated product – Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (ACC) blocks.

Environment friendly ACC blocks are widely accepted building product in many countries around the world. BrixoLite is a specially designed microcellular ACC block, featuring millionsof tiny pockets of trapped air offering high strength with an added advantage of being lightweight.

BrixoLite Blocks

BroxoLite ACC blocks are used for Masonry work for High Rise, Commercial, Institutional and Industrial buildings.

Features of BrixoLite ACC blocks

BRIXOLite AAC blocks are green building product manufactured using 70 % of recycled material.
• BRIXOLite is 65 % less in weight than conventional clay bricks. It saves approximately 15 % to 20% of the steel requirement in reinforcement. It’s excellent size/weight ratio allows faster construction work.
• It’s uniform and bigger size of AAC blocks enable speedy construction.
• High compressive strength makes BRIXOLite AAC blocks solid, therefore it is recommended for load bearing walls, also causing minimum breakage .
• Dimensional accuracy result, BRIXOLite is extremely easy to install, saves mortar and plaster consumption.
• It can be available in different sizes according to project’s requirement.
• The porous structure of BRIXOLite AAC blocks provides a high acoustic insulation.
• BRIXOLite AAC blocks have very low thermal conductivity and therefore a high thermal energy efficiency is achieved. It reduce the inside temperature which results in cost savings for heating and cooling.
• One of the important property AAC blocks of extremely higher fire resistance which gives product rating at least 4 hours and more.