(Many home Owners get in touch with us, who have bought new house in a newly constructed building & want to do some Interior work. Here is brief of what we suggest to new Home Owners.)

When you have make an agreement with the builder – all the details are suppose to be mentioned in it.

Some of the items it should have:

Type of flooring, window & door to be used, type of kitchen platform, what will be the height of tiles on your kitchen platform, which companies plumbing material is going to be used, how many electrical points will be given, tubes, fans, geyser. Which paint will be used-distemper or oil paint or oil bond

All these details are written in the agreement. many builders allow you to customise these items. You are allowed to pick and choose what you want and what you want builder to skip.

For example: Some people believe in Vastu Shastra & want their home accordingly. For this they have to make some important changes in new house. For this you have to appoint or consultant interior designer who helps you out. Builder will give you standard size kitchen platform, but if you find some place where you can make washing place or something else according to your requirement you can do it. The interior designer will make layout according to your requirement and then you can do the interior. All these changes which you want in your house should be informed to the builder well in advance or during the time of agreement. If the builder doesn’t agree for the changes then you have to do it after you get the possession.