Earlier flats / apartments were always sold using Carpet Area. In short Carpet Area is the area that is usable. But now Builders deal in Built Up area. 6 months back important decision came out of High Court . There were stricter norms on calculating Carpet Area. Builders and companies were asked to sell houses as per Carpet area. In carpet area – Balcony and Terrace is not counted. Rates will be half for such area. for eg: if the rate is 1000 rs per sq feet then the rate for the balcony will be put as Rupees 500. Parking should not be sold, it is compulsory that the parking is included / allotted to the Home Owner.

Unfortunately some builders have now adjusted these costs in to rates of the house. Legally they cannot ask you to pay for Parking.

before you buy house, ask for blueprint which mentions exact built up area and Carpet area. After this have a Professional person to measure things inside house. It could be anyone who has experience of such things – Architect, Contractor , Interior Decorator , or Real estate Agent, any skilled person who knows stuff.