Floor Mounted Toilets

Modern days floor mounted units are known as couple closet WBC. These couple closet come along with the flush tank. Both the closet and the tank are made of ceramic materials. An S-trap drainage pipe that extends from bottom of the bowl and through the floor is fitted for floor mounted units.

Wall mounted Toilets

Wall mounted units are fitted to the wall unlike floor mounted units. These are free from floor, fitted say about 12” above the floor level. The outlet pipe for Wall mounted toilets are fitted from bottom but in P trap style which goes to the wall (unlike floor mounted). The flush tank for wall mounted units gets concealed in the wall.

Common Features

Now days there are stylised flush tanks that come with two flush buttons. One of the buttons when pressed will flush 6liters of water and the other one will flush 9 litres of water. According to the requirement, these two flush buttons are used. Before the seat covers (for WBC’s) were harsh. They used to bang if left for closing. But now the seat covers are soft closing i.e. it will slowly and soft close when released. Initially Toilets had different vent pipe (ventilation pipe) fitted. But then the bad smell returned from drainage pipe. This made the room stink even after flushing. But this problem was soon overcome. Now if you see WBC’s there are no separate vent pipes fitted. They are manufactured in such a way that a water level is achieved even after flushing. This helps get rid of the bad smell.

Wall Mounted v/s Floor Mounted toilets


Wall mounted units appear more attractive then floor mounted unit. Though you may find more design, colour and style options for floor mounted units.


Floor mounted units being most commonly used come for affordable price then wall mounted and are easier to install. Wall mounted units rather need a thicker wall to support the tank and the unit, which many buildings are not well prepared with. Here remodelling is often required which increase your cost.

Space consumption

Wall mounted offer considerably more space then floor mounted units. This is because the tank gets concealed. The bathroom/washroom also looks bigger with wall mounted units. Also the wall mounted units can be fitted as per your requirement which does not work for floor mounted units as they come with standard sizes.


Wall mounted units also can be better cleaned then the floor mounted. This is because the floor below the units is free which can be mopped easily.


As far as Maintenance is concerned, floor mounted units can easily be repaired and replaced. But with wall mounted unit concealed tank in wall repairing is become a difficult task. You do have new models now that come with built in access panels which makes it easier for maintenance but comes for really high price.

Depending on the space availability and your budget, choose the best to suit your bathroom interiors.