Complete your house furniture look With wide range of Shutter & Door Handles that are easily available in market. Shutter doors and Handles basically come in 3 different finishes-

Matt finish, Chrome finish and Antique look to best suit you interior style and design. These days you have handles made from different materials like Wooden, Marble, Leather, Ceramic, etc. to best suit your Design Style.

Finish – Matt finish and Chrome finish handles are quite in trend these days. Handles with these 2 finishes look great and goes well with all design style interiors. For kitchen shutters & doors, stainless steel handles suits well.

Style –Rectangular handles (T-bar) are preferred by many home owners these days. Because of sharp and pointed edges that hurt, few home owners (especially where kids are there) prefer

complete C-shaped handles. C-shaped handles have a smooth curve & also gives a good grip Size – Shutter & Door handlebar available in various sizes and shapes. Having long handles of size 15” or 18” is quite in trend.