Traditionally Locks were used to secure the main gates or doors of the Villa/Houses. In modern days Locks are not only used to secure main gates, but individuals rooms, furniture, vehicles, etc.

Hettich Mortise Lock is a special lock used in Modern Indian homes ideally for individual rooms, bathrooms,etc. Hettich Mortise Lock is not preferable for main doors as if not locked from inside, anyone can open the door and come in. Your house is at risk then. So be careful of not having this kind of lock for your main doors. With Hettich Mortise Lock on your doors, there’s no need for additional shutter lock or “kaddi” . Lets understand how does this lock function for a better picture-

Hettich Mortise Lock comes in two parts-

(i) Door Handle for outside and inside of the room
(ii) Lock Body – Lock Body consists of 2 parts again. (a) placed in between the thickness of the door. (minimum door thickness needs to be 15mm) and (b) That gets fitted on the wall side ( where the door gets locked).

That means the main lock body gets concealed (hidden) in the door, but a thin steel plate is visible on the side of the door which actually gets locked. This lock has two fitting holes top and bottom. Door handles are screwed to the wooden door which fit into the top holes from inside and outside of the room door. The key lock fitting is fitted at the bottom hole. The door with this kind of lock, if locked from inside cannot be opened from outside without the key.