If you are for the first time exploring the world of colour or painting, this article is for you.

There are various type of paints home owners comes across. Distemper , luster, plastic, velvet.

Luster is very common for homes because it is very easy to maintain. You can easily wash & clean your walls. Commercials like office space use velvet more commonly.

Luster paint is oil based whereas velvet paint is water based. This chemical base decided if wall surface can be cleaned or wiped with wet cloth. Luster is oil based & is easy to clean.

A good Painting process consists of 7 hands. Several hands of Primer, lambi(putty) & colour makes this 7 hand process.

In a city like Mumbai rates for luster paint can be anywhere for Rs 26 Rs 30 per sq. ft.

Calculate Amount of Paint to Paint a Room - WikiHow

Calculate Amount of Paint to Paint a Room – WikiHow

A rough way to calculate how much painting work you need is multiply your carpet area by 4. For eg: if your home is 600 sq. ft. Carpet area then you need to paint 600 x 4 = 2400 . If your painter has quoted you Rs 27 per sq.fr. Then cost works out to be 27 x 2400 =
Rs 64800

This amount is approximate & on higher side. The actual cost will calculated as per the measurements but in most cases you should be prepared for the calculations as mentioned above.