Few days back I was asked by a friend if he could perform Plumbing work incase plumber is not available? This is what I shared…

As a home owner, you can change a faucet/tap, that to if you aware of how to do it. You can easily change the washer (people call it viser/wiser in India) and spanner. But this is if you have the basic faucet/tap with washer inside. These are old styled compression taps with rubber washer inside. Bathroom fittings have evolved tremendously over last 20 years.

It is difficult to change or repair latest faucet. They are advance, there is no washer inside. Commonly designed as half lever or quarter lever.

Latest taps / faucets are washerless. They come with technology called ceramic washer inside or something called as cartridge. They either have cartridge or disc or ball inside. You either need a skilled plumber or you need company trained representative to fix these. Good part is, most of these new taps/faucet come with 5 to 10 year warranty, all you have to do is call company service number. They take care of it.

Please dont get inspired by American/European websites & try to fix some faucet at home. In India you can call plumbers for small fees of Rs 250 or so to fix small things. In USA, they would charge heft hourly charges for same thing.