We get calls from Home Owners who live on top floor & every rainy season face water proofing issue. Unfortunately fro some reason society of other owners in building are not ready to chip in cost of water proofing. So you are Worried about leakage problem on terrace and its cost to bear alone!!!

Here’s a very cost-effective though provisional solution to solve terrace leakage.

IMPORTANT : as mentioned this is Provisional (not permanent) solution but it will get you some level of relief.

Mastic Coating :

A polymer coating called as Mastic coating is your option. Once this polymer i.e. mastic coating is applied home owners need not worry about major work (breaking / concrete work etc). But as I said earlier it’s a temporary solution that will last for 5-7 years only.

The mastic coating is available liquid form only as like paints. Mastic coating is applied in similar way as paint i.e. with help of a brush.


(i) Asphalt Plastic coating

(ii) Bituminous plastic coating

Bituminous plastic coating is available in form of rolls. Bituminous coating is applied using heat with help of a bituminous adhesive. This adhesive is stuck as required though heat.
Whereas Asphalt plastic coating and other polymer based plastic coatings are available in liquid form. These coatings are applied in similar fashion as paint. These polymer based liquid form coatings are quite an efficient product.


They cost around Rs.50 to Rs.70 per square feet. whereas bituminous plastic coatings are expensive in comparison to polymer based coatings.