Wallpapers installed on walls catch a lot of daily dirt and dust. Keeping your wallpaper clean is a key to maintaining its look, beauty and durability. Before knowing how to clean the wallpaper, it’s important for you to know what kind of wallpaper you have at you home. There are wallpapers that are washable, non-washable and scrubable. If you are not sure of its properties, using the cleaning steps on a piece of extra roll kept. No matter what grade is the wallpaper, you need to be very gentle to avoid tearing.

Vinyl based are easy to clean n maintain and it can be washed and cleant at home. You don’t need a professional coming in and doing it unless it’s majorly damaged. You can dry dust vinyl based wallpaper using dry sponge or electrostatic dust cloth. To clean the entire wallpaper wall, follow following steps:

Firstly make a cleaning solution by adding few drops on hair shampoo to water. (you can also use /buy cleaning products specifically used for wallpaper cleaning)

Use a sponge for cleaning the wallpaper. Be careful for not to use scrubbing pads because tey will tear the paper. Avoid using cloth as it will leave dirt of paper while re-using. If you intend to use cloth, make sure you use a clean cloth while working on wallpaper.

Squeeze out the excess solution as it will make the paper too wet n will result in tearing. Wipe the surface with the sponge, but make sure you do this in one direction only, preferably in vertical seams.

Use clean water every time you want to rinse the wallpaper. Do not use hot water for cleaning wallpaper. It can either be cold to warm water.

Wipe the wall with a terry-cloth towel after its washed. Dry the surface immediately after rinsing to prevent the wallpaper becoming too wet which will result in tearing.

For Stubborn stains like crayons, markers and pencil marks you can use WD-4. Spray the solution on the washing cloth and gently rub on the mark until it’s gone.

To clean greasy spots, use talcum powder n these spots, Allow it to settle on greasy spots for around 10-15 mins. Wipe off the powder using dry sponge.

Non-Woven wallpapers are not easy to clean at house level. You require calling professional cleaners for it. They have special machine to clean Non-woven wallpapers.