Grills made for safety doors are an essential part of safety doors in this modern world. Safety grills are used for doors mainly to delay entry of intruders into homes. This prevents quick entry and exit, thus reducing stealing. Safety grills are prevent potential thieves from viewing what is in homes.

The safety grills are made out from different materials like Stainless steel, Aluminum, Iron, Bright steel and Mild Steel. The safety grill made for doors are usually made of MS i.e. mild steel. And if it’s not MS grill, Stainless steel laser cut plates would be fixed which are quite trendy these days.

MS Safety Grills

Well talking about MS grills for safety doors, these grills are easily available in any hardware shops today. Home owners can choose from various designs and sizes too. The size of safety grill generally depends on the size and thickness of the door. These MS safety grills are either painted with oil color or powder coated. For powder coating, the raw grill with desired color powder is put inside a “Bhatti” that is set on very high temperature. You therefore can have these grills painted in any color to match you door and interior style and color. Copper coated MS safety grills and wood finish ones are quite trendy these days.

Ready-made MS safety Grills

These days’ home owners can readily buy safety grills for doors in various designs, style and sizes. Safety grills are available in most hardware shops today. Therefore its difficult to say for what size grills are most selling.


The cost of MS grill is calculated as, per square feet basis as like SS grills. You have grills on smaller size like 2’x1’ that are designed for safety doors. For such small size, a lump sum amount is calculated. The quotation given by grill fabricator will always include the transportation cost too. Powder coated grills are expensive than painted grills due to the process and equipment’s required for powder coating.

How are safety grills mounted in safety door

A carpenter who is making the safety door, usually guides homeowners with shops from where to buy. He may also suggest for grill design and size that will best suit their doors and home interiors too. Once the grill is bought and that section in-between the door is cut as per grill outer shape and size. The grill is then mounted on door and drilled or screwed to the door. Later on the grill is given a finish.

Safety doors are usually made of wood and finished with laminates or veneer. Sometime a good quality wooden doors are made that are finished by polishing it.

The grills are typically mounted on upper half of the door and is centrally aligned to the door.