Italian Marble is widely famous for its high and long lasting lustre and visual appeal that it adds to a given space. Italian marbles is rich looking, more white then Indian Marble and that’s why it is quite expensive.

The prices for marble vary with its type and origin. Many a time the price of Marble or any natural stone depends on its demand and availability. That is, a Marble/stone that is easily available and the demand for it is high, it would be less expensive than the one that is rarely seen.

Italian marble is something that is rarely available and therefore rarely seen. Its quite a unique stone.  Unique in terms of lustre, feel, whiteness, etc. Thus the Italian marble is quite expensive.

100% Italian marble cost between Rs 1500/- to Rs 2500/- per square feet.

How a customer gets cheated for Italian Marble?    

These days it is observed that 60% of the Italian marble slab/stone is composed of resins, adhesives and other chemicals. This makes the marble softer and porous and degrades the marble quality and durability. Many retailers/dealers sell these not 100% Marble for the same price as pure Italian marbles. Many a times we get to see different and rare colour marble in India which retailers call Indo-Italian Marble. This marble would still be sold at a higher rate as Italian Marble. Though this Marble is Indian, different colour and feel makes retailers give it a different name and rate make them expensive.

These ways a customer with no knowledge or very little knowledge are cheated.

You may think that Italian Marble must be imported from Italy, but that’s not the case all the time. Sometimes Marbles are produced in similar fashion or as I mentioned before how the normal Indian marble is named differently.