Following is the basic overview for process of making of window Grill-

• Firstly, the window size is measured.
• The window grill design, style and type of material is then finalized as per home owner’s choice and requirement
• Once the design is selected, quotations is given.
• Once the quotation is approved, the grill fabricator starts making the grill.
• The grill fabricator will call for raw material. The quantity of raw material is calculated as per the window size and quantity of grills i.e. for number of windows to be covered.
• Once the raw material comes in, the metal is cut and welded into ordered design and size.
• Once the grill is ready, it is treated with anti-rust solution to protect from rusting.
• The grills are then painted with black or desired Asian oil paint.
• The window grills are then sent on site for Installation.

Construction of Box Grill

Window Grills will either be box grill type of grills that are directly drilled to marble framing. For Box Grill, the installation process will vary from those drilled to marble framing. Grill mounted on marble framing is a single piece grill that is directly drilled to marble window frame. Whereas a box grill has 5 parts i.e. to top, bottom, 2 sides i.e. left and right and the front side of the box. The 5 parts of box grill are individually made.

Once the grill parts are made, the grill parts are sent on site for installation process. Well, how the grill is sent will actually depend on site availability and floor. If the grill has to be installed on ground floor or say 1st floor, a box grill is be fully assembled and sent. That is the 5 parts of box grill will be welded at joints to form a box. This box grill set up will then be sent for final installation.

But for box grills that are to be installed on higher floors or where parapet walls make it difficult to pull up above set-up, the installation process will entirely change. In such scenario, the 5 parts individually made and bracket are sent on site. Here the brackets are firstly drilled below the window that act as support to box grill. Followed by which the bottom piece of box grill is welded.After which the front and top side of the grill are mounted and joined through welding process.The sides of the box grill are lastly welded to the bottom,top and front side of the grill to complete the box. Thus completing the installation of box grill.

The cost of box grill for such installation process increases for higher floors as the labor work increases.

Be it any type or style of installation, a final coat of oil paint is then given to the window grill after installation.